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FOX News
Feb 2, 2013 11:30am PST
the odds of the obama gun control just dropped about 15 points. >> new jersey governor chris christie is running for reelection but it's difficult to tell whether he is running as a democrat or republican. we have the bromance over hurricane sandy and he wants to raise the minimum rage where the unemployment rate is much higher is much higher than the national average. so a big miss for the but go guy. >> a hit to our colleagues in the media who are faurlg calling al gore on his hypocrisy. i think he expected the loving attention from various tv networks and instead, a lot of anchors and hosts were asking him how he could sell current tv to big oil, al-jazeera and that network that has lauded and celebrated terrorists to boot. good for the media. >> paul: mark it down, freeman praises media. a press release. [ laughter ] >> paul: if you have your own hit or miss, send it to us. that is it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and all of you watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you right here next week. >> jon: on fox news watch. >> i think hillary will go down as one of f
FOX News
Feb 2, 2013 2:30pm EST
. >> jon: president obama and hillary clinton sharing a wonderful moment in prime time. 60 minutes interview getting raves and also criticism what could be a squandered opportunity to ask hard questions. cbs correspondent steve kroft reacted to the critics. >> i've been doing had these interviews with him since a few weeks before he declared his candidacy. so i covered him through the campaign and kept doing it in the white house, but i think it's a question of fairness. we have not -- i think we're not going to play gotcha and we're going to make him look stupid. we'll let him answer the questions. >> jon: that sound might be mike wallace rolling over in his grave. >> croft, candidate obama knows he can come and answer the questions. but the puff ball question, there are plenty have questions you can ask that are hard but ron fornay summed it up. it was like clinton and obama like a old happy married couple. they wonder if he will do that with vice president biden. >> here is what they wrote this week. it was something would you expect from the state run media. it was that kind of
FOX News
Feb 2, 2013 11:30pm EST
a scientist. >> tom, you said barack obama won 53% of the vote. it was closer to 51. even then -- can i finish a sentence, lori? jesus. well never mind that joke. >> oh, come on. start over. >> nope. timing ruined. there is a thing in comedy called timing, lori. you killed it. >> she is a slow lori. >> does she have poison venom coming out of her el -- elbows ? >> you don't think that was coca-cola's intent. that is a bold statement. >> why? >> cross out everything else that went to lori. hang on. okay. got them all. >> you know what, it is not what she says. it is the fact she is so adorable with the giant eyes. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> bill, greg, te lawrence's sexuality is a matter of dispute. not in dispute the fact he enjoyed floggings. >> was he opus bay? jay what? oh, opus bay. what, you saw "the da vinci code" and that's what you thought they do? >> there was a lot of truth in that fiction. >> by the way, chelsea, dispute, flogging. >> it is not a happy hour, trust me. it is the unhappy hour. >> i thought the ad was anti-western. here have you this innocent arab minding his
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)